Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Adventures

After a long day of walking and art gazing Wednesday, I decided to relax today under an overpass, with the Mahattan and Brooklyn bridge in view. It was humid that day, but nice and breezy under the overpass. I sketched for a couple of hours and then walked to Pier 17. I got some more views of the two bridges. I wandered some more and ended up in Seaport, where I stumbled upon the "Bodies" exhibit. I saved that for the next day.

I met up with Nina after work and with her brother we walked across the Brooklyn bridge. The sun was setting and we got a great view. We met a nice stranger in Brooklyn who pointed us towards the park at the base in between the two bridges. On the way to the subway we saw a fashion shoot for shoes. It was a weird scene. We took the F train back into Mahattan and dined at a Korean restaurant. It was different, but good.

After dinner, we walked to Madison Sqare Garden and on the way back, got some frozen yogurt at Red Mango.

So, although I tried to avoid it, I ended up walking anyway. Seems like the only good way to see things.

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