Monday, July 26, 2010


We arrived later in the day on the train and the walk to Old Prague Hostel felt long due to wheeling the large suitcase over the cobblestones. We dropped our gear in our room and headed for Charles Bridge, walking through the old town square where the World Cup Soccer match was being shown on a large screen to a very large crowd. The view of Prague as the sun was setting was breathtaking. We returned to the square and ate at a nice restaurant. Marra ordered the beef tongue which was really tasty. The next morning we made a last minute decision to hire a tour to the bone church and Kutna Hora. The number of human bones used to decorate the church was overwhelming. In Kutna Hora we took a walking tour of the town and ate a traditional Czech meal. Upon returning to Prague we took a walk up to the castle. As we were walking around we were approached by a woman advertising a string quintet that was going to be playing in about an hour. We decided to attend and had the benefit of hearing wonderful classical music. On our last day full day in Prague we visited the Jewish Museum. At that point we decided to split up and Marra did some shopping while Bao walked around taking pictures. We met back up at the Hostel and headed for the Mucha Museum. To save some money we picked up some items from the grocery store and used the hostel kitchen to make dinner. While we ate we met some new friends whom we decided to go to a club with later in the evening, ending our adventures in Prague.

Bao’s note: Absinth is nasty!

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